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Best Water Descaler Systems

We know what you’re probably thinking right now. Yes, we are a company who makes water descalers among other things, so why are we making a top x list with descalers? Will we rank our own descaler as number one?

No, that’s not the point. We just wanted to show people which descalers are currently available on the market and what are their strong suits. We won’t be ranking them in any particular order. You can decide which one is right for you on your own.

List of the Best Water Descaler Systems (In No Particular Order)

Before we start, we want you to know that these are the descalers we are familiar with or have heard about. There is a possibility that other companies might’ve made their own descaler while we were writing this article.

In any case, these are the best water descaler systems we could find at the moment and we think that whichever one you’ll choose, you’ll most likely see great results against the dreadful thing we call hard water.

Yarna Water Descaler (CWD24, CWD30, CWD48)

yarna best water descaler systems


Let’s get out own lineup of water descalers out of the way before talking about the others that we could find on the market right now.

We have chosen to place all three of our currently available products in the same place because the only real difference between them is the supported pipe diameter.

The CWD24 electronic descaler supports pipes up to 1 inch, the CWD30 water descaler can go up to 2 inches, and the CWD48 descaler goes all the way up to 4 inches and is meant for commercial usage as well, not just residential usage like the former two. Also, all of them can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Now let’s talk about the things that make our descaler unique when compared to the others that we have seen so far. First off, our ultra-flat impulse bands cover a significantly larger area of the pipe when compared to the regular wires found on all the other models on this list.

This way, the water gets treated better and even the hardest water levels can become significantly softer because of this. Furthermore, the impulse bands work with any pipe material, including PVC, iron, copper, stainless steel, plastic, PE-x, and much more.

Our descalers don’t affect GPM and aren’t limited by high GPG either. And as a bonus, we’re offering a one-year money-back guarantee for any of our models. That way you’ll have more than enough time to see its effects in action. And if you choose to register the product on our website, you’ll receive a full ten-year manufacturer warranty for any potential defects that weren’t caused by your mishandling of the product. 

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

One of the most appreciated water descaler systems on the market right now is the one offered by Eddy Electronics. In terms of efficiency, the Eddy unit helps prevent rust on different surfaces, such as pipes, sinks, and faucets. Water-utilizing appliances, including washing machines and coffee makers, can also prevent damage because of the improved water quality.

Just like with our own descaler, you’ll need zero plumbing skills to install the unit in its place. While its wires cover a lesser area of the pipe, it still does a good enough job of preventing limescale in most people’s cases. It comes with standard cables that can cover pipes up to 1.5 inches in diameter, so if you want it to cover a larger pipe, you’re going to need to contact them for special extension coils.

The main downside is that its wires are only compatible with metal or plastic pipes, and there’s no official support for any other type of pipe material. And there’s no official fix for this, so if you plan on purchasing the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler, you’ll have to go for aftermarket fixes or figure it out yourself if you’re good with physics and electronics.

iSpring ED2000 Electronic Water Descaler

iSpring is a company known for making all sorts of water treatment-related products. And as far as descalers go, this is their only model so far. However, it is a good product that comes at a fairly decent price when compared to its capabilities.

Just like our models and the one from Eddy, this one also actively works to dissolve existing limescale and treat future limescale as well. The overall hardness removal capability of the system is 19 GPG, which is fairly limited when compared to the former two, but, again, it’s still a good unit at the end of the day.

Weighing only two pounds and coming with the ability to work on any type of pipe material, the iSpring water descaler system also offers a one-year money-back warranty and lifetime customer support. As for manufacturer warranty, we couldn’t find it specified in any place, so you’ll probably have to contact customer support to find out how long the unit will be covered for potential defects.

But what we truly like about this descaler is that the folks at iSpring donate a part of their sales to their own charity program that helps provide clean drinking water to families and facilities in dire need.

HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler

This particular water descaler can easily go on a one and a half inch pipe and can treat water as long as the GPG doesn’t exceed 25. Sure, it might not offer the most extensive pipe coverage, nor the best maximum supported grain treatment, but for what it’s worth, it does a good job at preventing limescale and its nasty side effects.

What makes it stand apart from other water descaler units on the market is the fact that it uses similar flat impulse bands instead of traditional wires, much like our own descalers. And also similar to our own offerings, this one also works on any type of pipe material, so you won’t have any trouble with aftermarket solutions like you would with the unit offered by Eddy.

The problem, however, lies in the fact that some buyers reported that their package came with missing installation parts. However, those were only isolated cases, and we’re pretty sure that HQUA’s customer support team has already solved this issue for those who have encountered it.

Overall, this unit is eco and pocket friendly. It doesn’t cost much to operate vs. a traditional water softener that requires frequent maintenance, especially if your water supply has an excessive hardness.

H2oEliteLabs EWC-Max i 0-35 GPG Electronic Water Conditioner

Being capable of treating hard water up to 35 GPG is quite a plus when compared to some of the previous units we’ve shown. The H2oEliteLabs team also notes that a family of four living in a mildly hard water area can produce 1 millimeter of scale buildup within the pipes in just a single year.

We agree with them. And yes, it doesn’t seem as much, but take into consideration the fact that the interior of a pipe is much smaller than how the pipe’s exterior looks. With that said, getting a water descaler is a must, and this one is pretty good. We like that it can be installed on any type of pipe, not just a limited number of materials like the Eddy model, but we also like that its GPG capacity is far increased when compared to HQUA and iSpring. With that said, this is a cheaper alternative than the previous two if you live in an area where water hardness is a little more significant.

However, a few people did complain that their unit only lasted about a year and then needed to be sent back in for repairs. Sure, there weren’t many who reported this, but it’s quite concerning considering the fact that out of all the units on this list, no one reported other descaler to cease functioning in such a short time frame.

ScaleBlaster SB-75

Finally, what we consider to be another good choice for a descaler is the SB-75 model coming from the folks at ScaleBlaster. This unit is specifically made for indoor use only, as the manufacturer specifically states in order to avoid any misunderstanding and misusage by its potential customers.

It can be used in homes that are up to 4000 square feet, and it can be installed on pipes of up to one and a quarter inch in diameter. Unfortunately, it only works on PVC, PE-x, copper, and other non-ferrous pipes. With that said, if your particular main pipe is made out of iron or other ferrous materials, you’re out of luck if you purchase this unit.

As far as performance goes, it works on hard water levels of only 19 grains (325 ppm), which is quite decent. The small enclosure requires minimal space for installation, as it is measured at only 7.5 x 4.75 x 2.2 inches, which is even smaller than some of our own descalers.

What we found weird with this unit is that the manufacturer offers three purchasing options: one with no warranty (why would anybody want such a thing?), one with a three-year warranty, and one with an elite warranty that doesn’t explicitly specify how long it will last. Other than that, the unit is decent for the price and as long as you respect its limitations and instruction manual, we think it will last for quite a while.

The Case For Choosing the Best Water Descaler Instead of a Water Softener

By now, it is a known fact that salt-based water softeners negatively impact the environment. Water descalers, on the other hand, affect the environment in no way, shape, or form. Even if descalers consume electricity, the consumption rate is almost insignificant.

And because they eliminate the hard minerals’ ability to stick to surfaces, and thus reduce limescale, they pretty much ensure that you will be able to save up to $1000 per year on water and heating bills. They don’t affect your septic system, unlike salt-based softeners, and they don’t put any sodium or chemicals in your water, so you and your family’s health will be totally unaffected.

In fact, because the minerals are only modified to become non-sticky, they remain in water, so you’ll get a boost of calcium and magnesium every time you take a drink. Thus, drinking hard water is highly beneficial. Furthermore, water descalers require absolutely no maintenance and you will never be required to purchase salt packets or any other “accessories” to continue getting the same great results (with the condition that the hardware still works properly, obviously).

Finally, one of the reasons we recommend getting a descaler instead of a softener is because some counties and jurisdictions in the USA have either banned or have heavily regulated the usage of traditional salt-based water softeners. Why bother with bureaucracy, limitation, and legislation when you could just install a descaler on your own (unlike requiring a plumber to install a softener)?

Why Choose the Yarna Electronic Water Descalers?

As stated earlier in the article, we offer a few advantages that the competition doesn't offer. Now you might be thinking that since this is our website and storefront, it would be obvious that we were biased.

And no one would blame you for thinking such a thing. However, if you look around the web, such as on our Amazon page, you will find that many customers with a verified purchase have left us incredibly positive reviews. 

On a similar note, some people have also made videos where they test our product and show others the results that they have seen. And, mind you, many of these reviewers live in areas where water hardness is extremely noticeable. Like this guy right here:

And he's not the only one that saw good results using one of our descalers. This fellow who has a DIY channel on YouTube has also seen drastic improvements in his water hardness results after using the CWD48 extensively:

The Bottom Line

The best water descaler systems currently on the market offer a ton of benefits when compared to traditional salt-based water softeners. Look at this list carefully, take in all the benefits and downsides of each descaler and choose the one that’s right for you.

With all that said and done, we wish you a wonderful experience with any water descaler that you end up purchasing for you and your family’s home!