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Yarna Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System CWD48

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  • Yarna CWD48 is a water descaler system that uses electric impulses to prevent minerals like calcium and magnesium from bonding and building up inside your water pipes. 
  • This product can be used for pipes up to 4 inches thick. 

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Free Shipping for all US orders (5 - 10 Days)

Worldwide shipping

*Sales tax included

365 days money back guarantee

How Does this Technology Works?

Yarna CWD48 treats the water with electric impulses which are generated in the electronic unit and are controlled by a computerized micro-chip. The signal-frequencies are transmitted via the ULTRA FLAT IMPULSE BANDS™ that are wrapped around the pipe. The bands form a frequency-field that changes the crystals in the water as it flows by. By that the crystals won't stick one to another forming the limescale that breaks your appliances. The technology works only with capacitive electric impulses.

CWD48 model is enclosed with high-grade carbon fiber material with mini-LCD display specialized for both commercial and residential use. Built-in oscilloscope measures device performance in real-time. No more guessing - waveform on display shows your device is 100% working in treating your hard water.

What is the Capacitive effect?

To put it simply, capacitive effect or also known as cathodic protection, is a method that relies on physics principles to protect metal against corrosion. It’s essential for metal pipes, ships, and boats that have to stay a long time in the water. It also offers corrosion protection to steel structures buried in the soil. While this may all sound like industrial nonsense, it’s actually easy to understand why it is crucial.

The fundamental principle behind cathodic protection is to connect an external anode to the metal for its protection. Then, a current passes between them, so that the metal becomes cathodic and does not corrode.

As the water passes through the treated area underneath the two impulse coils, the powerful electric waves break the crystals and transform the minerals into ions. This process results in a significant reduction of limescale deposits that will protect your appliances. And even if limescale eventually builds up, it will be easier to clean.

By using a water descaler, you will successfully protect your pipes from rust without having to handle dangerous currents. The microchip inside the descaler regulates how current flows through the two active coils. It only sends small currents inside your pipes, not on the outside.



  • Capacitive effect
    As the water flows through the treated area (beneath the two impulse coils), the powerful electric waves break the crystals and transform the calcium into ions.

    The signal-frequencies are transmitted via the ULTRA FLAT IMPULSE BANDS™ that are wrapped around the pipe.

  • 48V & PCB chip
    It treats the water with electric impulses which are generated in the electronic unit and are controlled by a computerized micro-chip.

  • Carbon Fiber
    Very resistant to physical impacts and chemical corrosion, which allow the descaler to withstand heavy use and adverse environmental conditions.

  • Works with any types of pipes
    Works with ANY pipe type up to 4” thick: iron, copper, stainless steel, plastic, PVC, PE-x, compound pipes

  • One device for the entire house(Small house)
    The unit is effective up to 1.2 miles from the installation point along your pipe system.

Comparison between models

Max Pipe Diameter 3/8 - 1" 3/8 - 2" 3/8 - 2" 3/8 - 4"
Voltage at Output 24V 24V 30V 48V
Induction Wire Length 5 ft 5 ft 5 ft 6.5 ft
Power Source External (wall adaptor) External (wall adaptor) Internal Internal
IP Rating IP54 (Indoor / Outdoor use) IP42 (Indoor use only) IP68 (Indoor / Outdoor use) IP68 (Indoor / Outdoor use)
Intended Use Residential Residential Residential Commercial and Residential
Power Cord Length 5 ft 5 ft 6.5 ft 6.5 ft
Impulse Bands Length 5 ft 5 ft 5 ft 6.5 ft
Enclosure Material ABS Aluminum Carbon Fiber Carbon Fiber
WaveForm Real Time Display No No No YES 2.5" TFT

10 Benefits of Yarna

  • 1 Softens hard water with the use of chemical reaction, induced by electricity
  • 2 Effectively reduces the scum in the sinks and baths
  • 3 Helps in maintaining pipe work at home that includes appliances such as storage tanks, radiators, washing machines
  • 4 It is very affordable as compared to Other available options
  • 5 Easy to install without any moving parts
  • 6 Need very low maintenance
  • 7 Does not have any adverse effect due to the chemical composition of the water
  • 8 Avoids usage Of materials causing damage to the environment
  • 9 Benefits of soft water can be enjoyed, e.g. very kinder to hair or skin
  • 10 It prevents the minerals in your water from adhering to the inside of your plumbing, things like shower heads, faucet aerators, clothes washer, dishwasher, inside of your water heater, etc. The minerals are supposed to simply pass through the system and down the drain.

Cost Saving Benefits


Salt free, does not use salt, polyphosphates, or filters

Minerals are good and necessary part of our diet

From your pipes and appliances to your hair and skin, hard water touches just about everything in your home. Because water is involved in most of your daily routines, the effects of hard water are felt everywhere—your wallet included. In the short term the costs seem negligible, but over the course of a year they add up. Multiply that over a water softener’s lifespan, and you’re well beyond pocket change.

Hard water affects your wallet in four main areas. By using a water softener, a household can estimate these approximate savings over the course of a year:

  • 1) Cleaning and personal care (50% reduction in purchases of soap, lotion, detergent, etc.): $450 saved with soft water
  • 2) Gas and electric use (heat loss due to scale): $100 saved with soft water
  • 3) Washable items (clothes, towels, linens): $250 saved with soft water
  • 4) Plumbing and appliances (repair and replacement): $200 saved with soft water

YARNA CWD48 does not change the chemistry of your water, kill viruses and bacteria or remove possible herbicides and pesticides.

Total potential savings per year: $1000

More Benefits of Installing Yarna CWD48


The Yarna CWD48 electronic water descaler requires no salt or chemicals to be effective as a hard water scale remover and limescale prevention solution. Water softeners, on the other hand, use salt and chemicals that are discharged into the waste stream and unable to be removed by wastewater treatment facilities. Yarna is an eco-friendly water softener alternative.

Overall Effects on the Water

Water softeners make skin feel dry. The water also feels slippery and soap suds are difficult to remove. Once you install Yarna CWD48, the pipe scale removal process begins. You will gradually start to notice that your skin feels softer, the water feels silkier and soap suds easily wash away. The full benefits of CWD48 will be apparent after a few months.


Water softeners add salt to the water. Added salt in drinking water is not recommended for people on salt restricted diets or pets. Water softeners also remove all calcium from the water. The CWD48 electronic water descaler does not require chemicals to be an effective limescale remover. It also does an excellent job in preventing new scales from forming.

Cost Saving

Yarna Descaler is a residential hard water solution that is much more cost effective than purchasing a water softener system. Furthermore, CWD48 is a one-time investment descaler has over water softeners is that it requires no additional water to operate and does not filters. The water savings alone makes an electronic water descaler a sound investment.

Know this before installing

For optimal water treatment, YARNA is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply. Make sure you have access to a power outlet. Our power adapter has 5ft (1.5m) of cable.

The impulse band windings can be placed on the left side, on the right side or underneath the command unit. Leave a safe distance of at least ½" (1 cm) between the two bands. ​

The main unit should be installed on the wall. If unavailable, you can place it on the water pipe. Depending on the surface you can choose between fixing it with screws or using the the plastic zippers. The position relative to the pipe is not important.

In case of limited space, the windings can be placed partly on the main pipe and partly on the distributor pipe. All these different installations are possible because the treatment impulses extend over several meters to either side of the pipes. Please observe different placement examples, shown in the images to the right.

The unit is effective up to 1.2 miles from the installation point along your pipe system. Depending on ambient temperatures this effect can last up to 7 days after water exits your pipe system. Minerals remain in the water as ions. This prevents soaps and oils to stick to your skin or solid surfaces.

Your YARNA water softener WILL NOT make your water potable.

Your YARNA water softener is suitable for all pipe materials: iron, copper, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, compound pipes, PE-X, etc.

Each of the two cables inside your package has a total length of 51" (130cm). Out of that a minimum of 39" need to be wound on the pipe, the rest is used to facilitate the installation of the main unit at a distance from the pipe.

Protect the electronic unit and the power supply against direct water. Use the provided electronic power adapter only.

Do not cut the impulse bands nor the 48V power cord of the power supply unit.

Do not remove the PVC insulation of the wires. Clean the device with water only using a soft cloth.

The operating temperature of YARNA ranges from -13°F to 122°F (–25°C to +50°C).

This water softener is suitable to use on pipes with a maximum diameter of 4”.



Secure the main unit to the wall(vertically/horizontally/U-shaped/L-Shaped) by using the screws inside or a double sided adhesive tape(not included in the package). You can also attach the unit to the water pipe using a sticky tape. This device will work by installing it on the outside of the main pipe(independent from the direction of water flow), therefore no tools are required during the installation process.


Connect one of the impulse bands to the device and use a Velcro strap to secure the impulse band to the pipe.


Wind the impulse band around the pipe(clockwise/counterclockwise) producing a coil. Make sure you wind the band tightly to the pipe and place the windings close to each other. Latch the end of the impulse band to the pipe using another zip tie. Now repeat steps 2 and 3 with the second impulse band.


Time to power up the unit. First plug the power adaptor to the main unit, and then connect the power supply to an electrical outlet. There are two diffusers diagnostic light that will come on, showing that both impulse bands are operating normally. Your YARNA water softener works from now on maintenance-free.

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