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How Scale Buildup Occurs and Affects Your Plumbing

When hard water is present, as is the case for 85% of American households, limescale starts building up in your pipes and appliances.


The scale buildup puts immense stress on pipes and appliances, thus increasing your spending via inflated water and electricity bills. Scale buildup is also the main culprit that increases soap lathering and makes it harder to shower.


But just how much does scale buildup affect your everyday life? Well, we are going to measure some numbers offered by the WQA study on this subject.


scale buildup in sinks 


Heat efficiency loss


Scale buildup can have noticeable effects even if we’re talking about just a little. Just 1/50th of an inch of scale buildup can net an almost 10% heat efficiency loss.


Do you know what that means? It means that your water heater will work overtime to provide you with enough heat for a shower or for a cold winter night. In turn, this will increase your bills by a few hundred dollars each year.


Scale buildup and plumbing


Needless to say, scale buildup is most noticeable within the pipes, and in and around fixtures. Hard mineral deposits are quite noticeable and leave guests with a sense of uncleanliness.


Hard minerals stick to surfaces because of their crystals’ size and abrasive texture. The more of them start forming up, the more noticeable the scale buildup becomes. You’ll start seeing yellow spots in your toilet bowl, right where the water sits.


Furthermore, dishes will have white spots on them even if you have the best dishwasher possible. And your clothes will come out slightly discolored and dingier. Unless you’re using a water softener or one of its alternatives, you’ve probably started noticing these signs on your own.


How to prevent scale buildup the best possible way


It’s no wonder many people are starting to ditch their water softeners. The added sodium makes water unsafe to drink and causes massive problems for the septic system.


Furthermore, there are far better alternatives that require little to no maintenance or any added extras. By far, the best option is getting a water descaler. A descaler works by using capacitive electric signals to reshape the hard mineral crystals instead of replacing them with chemicals.


This makes them far less sticky so they won’t cause any more scale buildup. In turn, you get the health benefits of hard water without the negative effects. It’s truly magnificent how a simple physics principle can make such a huge difference in water quality.


Final thoughts


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