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Why Choose the Yarna Electronic Water Descaler

The Yarna electronic water descaler sets itself apart from other descalers on the market with ridiculously simple installation and excellent cost-saving features.

Our ultra-flat impulse bands wrap better around the pipe and create a broader array for the electronic signal. This gives it a max capacity of 15.4 GPM, higher than many other models on the market.

However, by far, the best feature is that our electronic water descaler also reduces the current levels of limescale buildup in your pipes within 3 months. Other descalers on the market only prevent future buildup and nothing more.

Yarna Electronic Water Descaler Basic Specs

The Yarna CWD24 electronic water descaler has an IP54 rating, making it highly resistant against dust, water, and other elements. As such, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Let's see some of the most important tech specs and features of the Yarna electronic water descaler!

  • The unit's PCB chip controls the electronic signals' strength based on the type of pipe and water pressure. You don't have to configure anything. It detects everything automatically and sets the output accordingly.
  • Furthermore, the Yarna electronic water descaler has a 24-voltage output; four times the average output of other water descalers. This makes it even more effective against existing and future limescale deposits.
  • The 32 kHz gives it enough power to descale even water flowing at increased pressure. Just one electronic descaler unit is good enough even for large houses or an apartment complex.
  • The operating temperature of YARNA electronic water descaler ranges from -13°F to 122°F. It works flawlessly no matter when you are using it, be it summer or winter.

While other descalers have a 100 GPG limit, the Yarna model doesn't have any restrictions. Its high-frequency range and capacitive effect make it highly resilient no matter how much mineral content the water has.

The case is made out of resilient ABS plastic. It's resistant against chemical corrosion and high physical impact. So don't worry if you drop it when taking it out of the box. Chances that it will break are meager.

The power cord and impulse bands are five feet in length each. This makes the unit effective up to 1.2 miles from the installation point along with your pipe system. Speaking of the impulse bands, they offer a 97.5% direct contact ratio due to their isolated copper material.

Finally, to make things even better, the Yarna electronic water descaler works with any type of pipe:

  • iron
  • galvanized iron
  • copper
  • steel
  • stainless steel
  • plastic
  • PVC
  • PE-X
  • compound pipes (any material mixture)

Just by looking at the above specs, you can tell that the unit can handle the job well.

The Yarna Water Descaler's Use and Installation

As you'll see down the line, the installation process is so seamless that it will take you only around 15 minutes.

Our electronic water descaler requires no maintenance whatsoever. And you don't need a plumber to install it. You also don't need to cut the pipes or install complex systems. Even better, the descaler doesn't require salt packets or other accessories.

The only thing it requires to work is electricity. A 90-240V power outlet is good enough to assure the unit's proper functioning. Once plugged in, it does the work automatically—no need to adjust anything. The chip does everything for you automatically. And it detects even the slightest pressure fluctuation and adjusts itself accordingly.

Head to Head Comparisons with Other Electronic Water Descalers

We've given you some examples of why our descaler is the best option for hard water. However, let's see some of its pros compared to similar products. This way, you will get the bigger picture:

iSpring ED2000 Electronic Descaler

The iSpring electronic water descaler is limited to 19 grains compared to the regular 100 GPG limit. Yarna's descaler, on the other hand, has absolutely no GPG limit thanks to its capacitive properties.

The iSpring's model comes with two regular coils that you have to wrap in a specific manner. The one right after the water entrance needs to be wrapped under the pipes, while the next needs to be wrapped over the pipe. This can get confusing, especially if you live in an apartment complex and aren't sure which direction is which.

Yarna's copper coils do the job just fine no matter which direction you choose to wrap them. No more guessing games or wasted time.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

While similar in many ways to our own product, it's again one of those models with regular coils. When installing, you have to wrap the wires tightly so that the current has enough reaction time.

Also, each wire has two heads that need to be connected to the unit. This can make the installation process quite tedious. On top of that, the company only specifies that it works on plastic and metal pipes. It does not say anything about other types of pipes whatsoever.

ScaleWatcher 2 Star Electronic Water Conditioner

The ScaleWatcher water conditioner only comes with one light to tell you if it functions properly. Our product has two separate lights for each band. This way, you'll be able to see where the problem lies in case it stops functioning. For the ScaleWatcher product, you'll most likely have to consult the manual and call a technician.

And it only comes with one wire that wraps around the pipe. In theory, this gives the conditioner less time to act in case the water pressure goes up. And because conditioners function slightly different than descalers, its lifespan might be reduced if you're dealing with exceptionally high water hardness.

HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler

HQUA's offering is only meant to mild water hardness, as it is limited to 25 GPG. Even so, it might take a couple of months before the existing limescale gets removed. With our descaler, you will see results in three months even on the hardest water level.

Scalesweeper Wtr Descale

Scalesweeper's descaler functions based on electromagnetic principles. This can cause certain disadvantages, as it is directly affected by water pressure. Not only that, but certain elements inside the house can interfere with the magnetism, making it lose some of its effectiveness.

And it only works on galvanized, copper, or PEX (plastic) piping. You already know how our product differs regarding this aspect from the previous examples we've given.

Aquasana Salt-Free Water Conditioner

It's easy to see how our descaler differs from this one based on just the picture alone. The unit is massive. It looks like a whole house water filter. To its credit, this system comes with a pre-filtering unit, so there's that.

However, the conditioner is also hard to install and requires a bit of plumbing. That's the exact opposite of the Yarna electronic water descaler. With our product, you only need to wrap the coils around the pipe and plug the unit in a power outlet.

Disclaimer: our intention isn't to belittle any of our competitors. We're simply pointing out the pros of our descaler compared to others that are currently on the market.

Other Benefits of the Yarna Electronic Water Descaler

You can safely purchase our descaler from our website or from Amazon. On these pages, you can also see other buyers' reviews. So in case you don't trust us, there are over 100 people on Amazon alone who can vouch for us.

We offer a unique 100-day money-back guarantee to let you test out our descaler. Even in the harshest conditions, you should be able to see a big difference after 90 days of use. This gives you enough time to see if the Yarna CWD24 or the CWD30 are right for you.

We also offer a 10-year extended warranty if you register the product. As long as there is no visible intentional damage done, we will replace your unit as soon as possible. However, the biggest benefit is your health. No chemicals or salt added to the water, ever. You know the old saying: health is above wealth.

Tips Before Installation

We recommend installing the Yarna electronic water descaler at the entry point of the main water supply line. Also, make sure you have a power outlet nearby.

  • You can place the bands however you like.
  • Just make sure to leave at least half an inch distance between them.
  • Ideally, you should install the unit on the wall.
  • If not possible, you can also use the included adhesive tapes to stick it on the water pipe.

The descaler works up to 1.2 miles throughout the plumbing system. You should also take note of the water temperature if you want to store it. The descaling effect should last up to seven days if you're storing hot water. But it lasts only two if the water is cold.

The bands are 51 inches long each. Out of each one's length, you should use a maximum of 39 inches to wrap the pipe with. The rest of the bands' length allows you to install the descaler at a distance if necessary.

  • Although the unit has an IP54 protection rating, we don't recommend dropping water on it.
  • Keep it away from leaky pipes.
  • You should do the same with the power supply as well. Speaking of the power supply, use only the one provided by us for the best safety.
  • Don't try cutting the bands or removing their PVC insulation.
  • If there's too much dust for your liking, clean the unit and bands with a damp cloth.

How to Install the Yarna Electronic Water Descaler

Here is a short guide on how to install the Yarna electronic water descaler!

  • Place the main unit on the wall and secure it with the included adhesive tape or screws.
  • Alternatively, you can also place the unit on the pipe with the help of the tape.
  • Connect one of the impulse bands to the unit and start wrapping it around the pipe.
  • Wrap it tightly and make sure the windings are close to each other.
  • Latch both ends of the band with the included zip ties.
  • Repeat these actions for the second band as well.
  • Plug the power adapter into the unit and connect the power supply to an electrical outlet.
  • The LED on the power supply should be on.
  • Also, the two LEDs at each end of the unit should turn blue.
  • If there are no blinking lights, it means you've done everything well.

Now you can start enjoying the benefits of water softening without the negatives.


What is the Difference Between a Water Softener and a Descaler?

We have talked about this differences between a descaler and softener on a previous occasion, but it doesn't hurt to remind you.

A water softener works by replacing minerals inside the water with sodium. You need a professional plumber to install the unit and get it working properly.

More specifically, the softener pumps water through a brine solution into a resin tank where resin beads trap the hard water minerals in exchange for sodium. You can quickly test the changes in the water by using a TDS meter.

However, a softener comes with some disadvantages.

  • It requires some hands-on maintenance from time to time.
  • You also need to purchase salt and refill the tank regularly.
  • The amount of consumed salt also depends on water pressure and mineral content. So you might find yourself having to work more than intended.

Furthermore, the cost can add up in time, even if you do save some money on water bills. And having sodium in the water also comes with its downsides. For starters, drinking a high amount of sodium has negative health effects. Increased blood pressure and heart disease are the first two things that come to mind. Not to mention that your water will taste off.

A water descaler, on the other hand, gives you no such troubles. It works by modifying the mineral crystals' shape instead of replacing them with sodium. No sodium, no risk when drinking water. and as mentioned earlier, the installation process is far simpler compared to that of a water softener. Also, descalers require practically zero maintenance – yet another cost-effective aspect.

How a Water Descaler Compares to Other Modern Water Softening Methods

Yes, there are other water softening methods out there apart from softeners and descalers. Let's explore each one in short to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO systems filter water through a membrane that rejects pollutants based on their ionic charge and size. They act as both a softener and a filter at the same time.


  • Removes 99% of salts, bacteria, and particles. It's a good substitute for a filter.
  • Reduces the amount of sodium left by a softener in the water.
  • It consumes no electricity. No extra cost on your power bill.


  • The RO system depends on how high the water pressure is.
  • It takes a lot of time to treat the water, which can be annoying.
  • Wastes a lot of water.
  • The tiny pores in the membrane can get clogged.
  • Filters add up to the cost over time.

Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC)

TAC is comprised of a tank that contains a treatment medium inside. When water passes through the granular medium, it gets treated.


  • No electricity or maintenance required.
  • It requires absolutely no chemicals to run.
  • No brine discharge or backwash.
  • It doesn't remove nutritious minerals from the water.


  • Gets damaged easily by iron, manganese, and excessive sediment.
  • Not many tests that confirm just how reliable it is.

Electronic Water Conditioners

Water conditioners work by emitting a sonar pulse inside the water pipe. These signals cause ions to collide; it makes them grow until surface charges are eliminated. This means no more calcium or limescale on your pipes.


  • The only maintenance you need to do is check the frequency every so often.
  • It doesn't waste any water, and there are no required chemicals.
  • No more mineral deposits or limescale on surfaces and appliances.


  • Calcium crystals stick more to your hair and skin.
  • You'll still have trouble with soap lather.

Liquid Water Softeners

Unlike regular softeners, these use liquid polyphosphate. It's a non-toxic food grade solution that prevents limescale buildup. The same polyphosphate has been used in drinks and food for years. No toxicity reports whatsoever.


  • It requires no electricity to run.
  • No toxic chemicals whatsoever.
  • Takes up little space on your pipe.
  • It doesn't waste any drop of water.


  • Replacement cartridges aren't cheap, and they add a lot to the cost over time.
  • All precious minerals get removed from the water.


As you can see, some of these alternatives have benefits. However, as you can see, they also come with disadvantages that an electronic water descaler doesn't have.

  • A descaler keeps all minerals intact; it just changes their shape.
  • The minerals no longer stick to surfaces, appliances, skin, and hair.
  • It doesn't waste any water and it doesn't require maintenance.
  • You'll never need to buy extras for the descaler, such as salt packets.
  • It leaves absolutely no chemicals.
  • Extremely easy to install.

What an Electronic Water Descaler is Not

A descaler isn't meant to replace a water filter. Don't expect it to filter out sediment, chemicals, pathogens, etc.

A descaler doesn't necessarily improve the smell and taste of water. That depends on water hardness. As it doesn't eliminate minerals, but rather change their shape, you might still experience a "hard" taste.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Yarna Electronic Water Descaler

Do I need to buy softeners such as Calgon if the descaler doesn't remove hard minerals?

No, you will no longer need any other water softening methods. Although the descaler doesn't remove minerals, it changes their shape drastically. They won't affect your clothes, dishes, or appliances anymore. You'll no longer need money for hard water detergent either. Moreover, you'll be saving around $1000 a year on detergent, soap, and water.

How much electricity does the descaler consume?

It consumes a minimal current amount. Approximately the same amount as your smartphone. Even so, you will still save money on energy because your water heater won't have to deal with limescale anymore.

Is the Yarna electronic water descaler environmentally friendly?

Yes, it is. The descaler doesn't add any chemicals to your water. It doesn't waste an ounce of water whatsoever, so rest assured if you're worried about conservation. Also, it doesn't require a drain, so nothing dirty gets poured into the septic system. Furthermore, it outputs zero carbon emissions, smoke, or any other pollutants that you can think of.

What if I don't have enough room to install the descaler?

Unless your main water pipe is located behind walls, there's almost no way the descaler couldn't fit. It's only two inches tall, 1.8 inches thick, and 5.9 inches wide. And the power cord is five feet long, so you won't likely have any trouble reaching a nearby power outlet.

What if I move to another house? Do I need new descaler?

No. You can just unplug the descaler from the power outlet and cut the zip ties holding the bands on the pipe. Then just place the descaler back in the box for transport. Finally, install the descaler in your new home the same way you installed it in the previous one.

Where can I buy the Yarna descaler?

You can review all the details and buy the descaler from our home page. If you're lucky, you might also unlock an exclusive offer by checking it out.

What if my descaler stops working?

In the unlikely event that the LEDs show signs of incorrect operation, check the manual. You'll find a troubleshooting section for the most common problems that can occur.

If you don't find a fix for the problem, remember that you're covered by our 10-year warranty. Just register the product with its respective order and serial number. We'll gladly replace any unit broken during that time frame. The only condition is that you don't intentionally try to break your unit. Signs of negligence from the owner are not covered by our policy.

The Bottom Line

The Yarna electronic water descaler is a fantastic choice for over 85% of Americans. Its capacitive properties and lack of maintenance requirements make it ideal even for those who don't know anything about plumbing.

And if that isn't enough reason for you to give it a try, we would like to remind you about our 100-day money-back guarantee. Even if you have the hardest possible water levels, you'll still see results in three months. This gives you enough time to decide if our product is right for you.