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Since calcium deposits inside your boiler on heating element, more energy is needed to heat the water. Also the hot water flux is disrupted by clogged pipes. Installing our product will slowly dissolve the deposits and prevent other from forming. Your energy consumption will get back to normal.

Yes, it does, it just takes a bit longer. The smoother the inside of the pipe is, the less calcium sticking. However, no surface is perfect and limescale will eventually build. Also as soon as the first layer of calcium sticks the accumulation will proceed just as fast.

YARNA is suitable for all pipe materials: iron, galvanized iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic, PVC, PE-X, compound pipes (any material mixture) etc.

The process of removing calcium will happen gradually, so NO. Plus the effect of this device is to change the structure of the calcium so it will not stick to anything any more.

CWD24 model is suitable for pipes smaller than 1”. CWD30 model is suitable for pipes smaller than 2”. CWD48 model is suitable for pipes smaller than 4”. All of it is effective for at least 1 mile of piping. There is not an exact way to estimate the maximum size of a house, that would depend on too many factors.

Not at all! It will only affect the calcium and not the pipes or appliances. It will also not remove the calcium from the water. It will only change it’s properties so it will not stick to anything.

The effect may depend on the water temperature. The mono-crystals produced by the effect of impulse bands need to grow as long as possible to be able to pass through your piping system. Warm water allows these crystals to grow at an increasing rate and become stronger. This explains why the YARNA-effect lasts the longest in warm water (up to seven days) and shorter in cold water (approx. two days).