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How Do You Install a UV Water Filtration System?

Installing a UV water filter system isn’t necessarily hard, but it can be a tedious process if you’ve never done so before.


Today, we will be showing you how to install one as fast as possible without skipping through important details. Follow this relatively short guide and any troubles you might’ve had beforehand will be gone.


Notice Before Installing a UV Water Filtration System


Pay very careful attention when installing your UV water filter. Precision is key. Incorrect installation can lead to numerous problems down the line, plus that your unit won’t be nearly as effective.


Of course, every filter has a slightly different installation process, and we recommend reading the user manual carefully. However, we will try to point out the most common installation tips and tricks here, so you’ll have an easier time when sifting through the guide.


Determine Where You Should Install the Filter


In most cases, it’s ideal to install the UV water filtration system almost at the beginning of the main pipe, but after a pre-filtering system that can handle VOCs, metals, and other inorganic elements that UV light can’t eliminate.


However, depending on your specific model, there might be another place in your home where the filter should go. Make sure to check the manual and contact the company from which you’ve bought it to ensure that you’re installing it exactly where it should be.


Use a Wall-Mounting Kit For Your UV Water Filtration System


As mentioned earlier, it’s important to position the filter correctly so that it won’t be misaligned and the water gets treated to its maximum potential.


For this, use a wall-mounting kit to ease the installation process and make sure that all the connection are secured as they should be. If positioned correctly on a vertical surface, your purifier will have a neat, professional appearance. These kits include a pre-drilled set of brackets and all the hardware necessary to secure the purifier.


Not only that, but the positioning will allow the ballast to get the perfect cooling it needs so that your filter won’t overheat, and you won’t have to change the light bulb earlier than expected.


Install Shut-Off Valves Before & After the Unit to Help with Maintenance


Another thing to take into consideration is the installation of shut-off valves before and after the unit.


Why is this necessary? Because once per year you will need to change the bulb and replace the quartz sleeve respectively. These two parts are essential if you want the filter to function correctly and eliminate all the potential pathogens.


filtered uv water



Place a Drain Pan Under the UV Filtration System


This is just an optional step, but it’s one that could come in handy down the line. In case the pipe loses its efficiency down the line, the water filter might get a little displaced and leks may start occurring.


The drain pan must be plumbed to an adequate, free flowing drain to prevent water damage in event of a leak. This way you’ll ensure that whatever water start flowing from the pipe gets drained and doesn’t overflow into your home.


Keep a Spare UV Bulb and Quartz Sleeve


It’s a good idea to always have spare bulbs and sleeves in case the ones you have right now crack or stop working properly.


Also, you should note that the bulbs and sleeves, even if working correctly, need to be replaced once per year.


How the Installation of a UV Water Filtration System Helps You


A UV water filter works by using the UV-C light spectrum to deactivate pathogens at their core. As long as you’ve also got a reliable pre-filtering system, and a water descaler to soften the minerals, you won’t be likely to have any trouble with it.


The UV-C rays target each microorganism’s DNA to deactivate it and kill it. It won’t evaporate it, but it will disable it from infecting you and spreading to others. As you can probably tell, this makes it about 99.9% safe. And it does so without altering the water or adding any chemicals to it.


UV filters are even safer and more environmentally friendly than chlorination. It also doesn’t waste any water, doesn’t consume much electricity, and doesn’t affect your septic system. This type of filter has also been tested extensively by the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration), which concluded that it’s a reliable and effective method to combat pathogens and microorganisms in water.


Drawbacks of a UV Water Filtration System


Apart from microorganisms, AKA living things, the UV filter can’t remove anything else. Don’t rely on it to filter sediment, VOCs, heavy metals, salts, chlorine, or any other contaminants.


In case of a power outage, the UV filter will stop functioning unless you have a backup generator that kicks in. It doesn’t work at all without electricity. In a survival situation, your only other option to get rid of bacteria would be to boil the water.


If you have hard water, you’ll also have no choice but to install a water descaler. Make sure to place it before the UV filter and after the pre-filtering system. Otherwise, you can also get another type of water filter to work in tandem with the UV one and the descaler.


Where to Get a Reliable UV Water Filtration System


You can try out our very own 13 GPM filter or 18 GPM model from our website. Otherwise, if you want to do more of your shopping in one go and in one place, you can order them from Amazon here (13 GPM) or here (18 GPM).


Regardless of where you get it from, you’ll benefit from our 10-year warranty when you choose to register your product on our website. In any case, if you’re not happy with it and you want your money back, you can return it in 100 days if you’ve bought it on Amazon, or in a year if you’ve purchased it through our website. Either way, we’ll give you back every penny, no questions asked.


Final Thoughts


Almost any UV water filtering system will do the job properly without requiring complex installation. However, the Yarna UV Water Filter takes it a step further and makes this process as seamless as it can get.


One more thing. if you choose to purchase our filter, pleased consider also getting a replacement 13 GPM Lamp, or an extra 18 GPM Lamp depending on the model you’ve bought.