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Reviewing All Water Descaler Applications for Businesses

Water descaler applications for business are numerous. If you haven’t heard of a water descaler, it’s a device that brings you the same benefits of a water softener but without the nasty side effects of added sodium.


A descaler works by sending electric impulses through two copper coils directly into the water pipe. The result is a capacitive effect that actively alters the shape of mineral crystals inside the continuous stream.


Not only that, but a descaler also actively softens the limescale buildup to make it fall off the pipe and go back into the water stream. In time, it significantly reduces the stress on pipes, appliances, and the factors that inhibit smooth water flow.


Basic workings of water descaler applications for business


In short, a water descaler prevents limescale buildup and dissolves the current limescale that’s leeching on the pipes.


It works through the principle of cathodic protection, a process that’s used on marine oil rigs and plants. What does that mean, in short? It means that the pipes no longer rust even if they’re sitting in water non-stop.


Cathodic protection works for a variety of metal structures in various environments, including pipes that are buried underground to prevent them from getting damaged by rainwater and the hard minerals it absorbs when going through the soil.


Many industries lose precious time and copious amounts of money because of limescale formation on their pipes. Even a 1/32-inch deposit can slow down the efficiency of industrial equipment by more than 30%. That’s a lot of energy loss caused by a fraction of limescale.


Limescale buildup inside a pipe both reduces liquid flow and the thermal conduction from the liquid to the outer pipe shell. Both effects will reduce the pipe's overall thermal efficiency when used as a heat exchanger. Limescale alone is responsible for billion-dollar losses in any industry that needs a constant flow of water supply.


Now you can probably understand why having a descaler is important for business. Sure, you can eliminate limescale through other means, but those methods don’t prevent its formation in the future. Liquid descalers only work in emergency cases and won’t last you much, especially if you’re working on a large industrial level. Capacitive water descalers, on the other hand, are there for you 24/7 and require no physical effort on your behalf.


worker checking pressure on descaled pipe 


Water descaler applications in different industries


Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s see how a water descaler can help individual industries. If you own a business or work in one of these categories, feel free to contact us for inquiries.




The car industry uses complex machines to build the vehicles that take us anywhere through rain, snow, and mud.


While not working with water directly, the automotive industry relies on radiators, water heaters, welders, boilers, and cooling towers to make the entire mechanism work.


Aerospace and defense


These industries rely on condensers, engine cooling systems, evaporators, and distilling units – all of which require water to run.


When using hard water, the calcium and magnesium particles in water start sticking to the equipment, slowing it down significantly. As you can imagine, limescale starts building up in the machines, and the entire process comes to a halt.


Having a water descaler on the scene prevents this from happening and also eliminates existent limescale in due time. These two industries are essential for our nation, and helping them out would be an honor.




Think about how many of your favorite drinks come in bottles. Now think about how much bottles go out on the market every single day.


That’s right, billions worldwide. The bottling industry uses CO2 generators, heater, exchangers, and rinse tanks to make this daunting achievement possible. Without descaling methods, the process would slow down dramatically, and numerous companies would go out of business.


Chemical industry


The chemical business is the backbone of many modern conveniences that we enjoy today. From make-up to deodorant and everything in between, we wouldn’t enjoy life so much without the help of this industry.


Other businesses rely heavily on the chemical industry’s proper functioning. Dryers, extruders, kettles, mixers, reactors, and scrubbers all deal with water on a regular basis. Descaled water helps make all the difference in the world when it comes to maintaining the aforementioned items in top notch shape.




Yet another one of the most essential working sectors, the food industry helps feed billions of people worldwide, every day.


The jobs this industry creates is essential for society and provides millions of workers with the money they desperately need for living a healthy and comfortable life.


Condensers, ice machines, refrigerators, and steam tables all require water. And dealing with water hardness greatly reduces the hygiene, efficiency, and speed of restaurants, supermarkets, slaughterhouses, and every single business that’s part of the massive food industry.




The manufacturing industry builds many of the things we use and love today. Without it, you couldn’t enjoy using a smartphone, computer, TV, and many other gadgets that people can’t live without.


Thing is, this industry uses chillers, compressors, quenchers, and vacuum pumps among many other things to make all the gadgets, electronics, and tools that we enjoy using. Vacuum pumps and compressors can stop functioning entirely even from small limescale deposits. Considering this fact, a descaler is not only essential, but crucial.




Miners extract precious resources and valuable minerals from the earth. Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has used mining to gather stone, ceramics, and, later, metals found close to the Earth's surface.


Mining is one of the main reasons why our society has evolved so drastically since our species first appeared on this planet. Modern day mining requires much more equipment than we have previously used because we need to dig deeper and deeper for the elements.


Filters, presses, radiators, and other equipment require water regularly to cool down and keep working adequately. You already know the gist of it by now: descaling in due time is essential for mining corporations worldwide to keep piling up profits, provide manufacturers with materials in due time, and keep our society functioning.




Pulverizers, compressors, tanks, and vacuum pumps are all essential for the proper functioning of paper manufacturing.


Where would we be today if the paper industry hadn’t used descaling methods? While not many people read physical newspapers anymore, they still rely on paper and cardboard to get a lot of other things done. From filing your taxes, applying for a position, and more, the paper industry is one business that society couldn’t function without.




Stills, sterilizers, pumps, reactors, and a whole bunch of other equipment that many people couldn’t even pronounce is used by the pharmaceutical industry.


Since pharmaceuticals always require testing, the recipients need to be completely clean with absolutely no pollutants or limescale that could alter or block the testing process.


Rubber and plastic


This is a sensitive subject for the eco-friendly crowd, but rubber and plastics are used in the manufacturing of all sorts of products.


To do this, the industry requires molders, extruders, temperature control units, throat coolers, towers, and tubers. You already get the gist of the rest.




The clothing industry would lose billions of dollars if their extruders and towers were to fail because of limescale.


Taking care of this aspect is crucial, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to buy the new clothes that we need to replace the old ones.


Why you should consider a water descaler for your business


Even if you don’t work in any of the above-mentioned industries, hard water might still affect your business in ways you probably can’t imagine.


Let’s say that you have a water cooler in your office. If hard water is present, it will dramatically reduce its lifespan, causing your workers to be dissatisfied with the working conditions you’re offering them.


Similarly, limescale can build up in the toilet bowl, giving off an unclean look. Nobody wants to work in unsanitary conditions, especially when they need to relieve themselves. Also, remember when we mentioned earlier that limescale affects heaters?


Well, you might end up having a nasty surprise right during winter. That’s not only inconvenient, but it can damage your business. Humans can’t work efficiently when they’re cold. And not all your employees will want to train not to feel cold. Instead, having a descaler can expand the life of your water heater.


The coffee maker and kettle will also suffer from a reduced lifespan thanks to hard minerals. In fact, the list of appliances you use in your office building is huge. Unless you already have a water softener alternative, we recommend switching over to a descaler. And there are many more reasons why doing so is beneficial.


Choose the Yarna water descaler for your business


Water descaler applications aside, there are numerous other advantages that our descaler will offer you compared to traditional salt-based water softeners.


Yarna’s ultra-flat impulse bands cover up to 97.5% direct contact ratio with the water pipe. As such, the water gets treated faster and more efficiently than with descalers that use standard wires.


Because it doesn’t use magnets, but rather an electronic capacitive effect, the Yarna water descaler works on all types of pipes, including:


  • stainless steel
  • steel
  • copper
  • galvanized iron
  • iron
  • PVC
  • plastic
  • compound pipes
  • PE-X


Furthermore, the Yarna water descaler is super easy to install, so you won’t spend extra money on tools, materials, or hiring a plumber.


Specs that matter for business applications


If you’re using a descaler for industrial purposes, the GPG limit has to be as high as possible because you’re going to descale a lot of water.


Well, what if we told you that the Yarna water descaler had absolutely no GPG limit? That’s right: the capacitive effect does the job no matter the level of water hardness. Furthermore, it doesn’t depend on salts or heavy maintenance to keep doings its job well into its extended life cycle.


The Yarna water descaler comes with a 10-year warranty and 1-year moneyback guarantee if you register the product. That’s a full decade of protection against limescale and mineral deposits. As long as there is no visible intentional damage done, we will replace your unit as soon as possible.


Furthermore, the 24VDC voltage is double compared to what other descalers offer. That means you’ll get twice the power to descale water more efficiently, on top of the ultra-wide and ultra-flat impulse bands. In turn, this means that the speed of the water flow doesn’t affect the descaler’s efficiency in the slightest. Industrial use is just as good as home use.


Easy instructions for installing the Yarna water descaler


In the box, you’ll receive the descaler unit, the impulse bands, zip ties, screws, double-sided adhesive tape, and a power adapter.


First, secure the unit to the wall using the screws or double-sided adhesive tape. If you don’t have enough space, you can also secure it directly on the pipe using the tape. The best approach is to install it at the beginning of the main pipe, near the water source.


Now connect one of the impulse bands to the pipe as shown in the instruction manual, secure it with the Velcro strap and then tie it in place with the included zip ties. Make sure that the windings are tight and as close to each other as possible without overlapping. Then do the same for the other impulse band; just make sure to leave one inch of space between them.


Finally, power up the unit by connecting the power supply to a wall socket. If the two lights come on, it means you’ve done everything right and that you will now get descaled water


In conclusion


Many, if not all, industries rely on water one way or another. To avoid devastating damages to your equipment and loss of money, getting a water descaler is the best choice.


You’ll be amazed how much money you can save with such a simple and efficient device.